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Terms & Conditions

Peace of Mind Service Plans

Our Terms and Conditions

The Kingsbury Peace of Mind Service Plans include:

  • One annual service in every year of your plan for the gas central heating boiler or gas fired warm air unit and a check of the heating system.

  • Priority call out in the event of a breakdown

  • Parts and labour in the event of a breakdown (within level of contract)

  • No call out charge in the event of a breakdown (excluding PAYG plan)

  • Discounts on any work not included in your plan

1. Payments

  • Payment for plan is in full on commencement of plan or can be spread over twelve months on standing order.

2. Annual Service

  • The first service will take place in the first month of the Peace of Mind agreement, a home health check will be carried out by the engineer whilst he is on site.

  • We will call to your home once per contract year and carry out a full service on the central heating boiler / warm air unit & operational check of the system. We will always contact you in the same calendar month to ensure the service schedule is maintained. Contact is by letter or email. It is the customer’s responsibility to then contact our office for a convenient appointment.

3. Additional appliances

  • Service on additional appliances can be added to your contract. Additional appliances are service only with any parts or additional labour charged on a time and materials basis.

4. Landlords

  • This contract is available to private landlords. For legal compliance, a landlords gas safety record will be issued free of charge.

  • This will cover the main heating appliance and gas installation only. Additional appliances can be added at additional cost.

  • The landlords gas safety record is only free of charge if carried out at same time as service. Please note; we have a very high rate of no answers on appointments with tenants.

  • We will charge an administration fee in this instance so it is in your interest to ensure your tenants adhere to their agreed appointments. No gas on pre-paid gas meters will also incur a full call out invoice.

5. Breakdowns

  • In the event of a breakdown of your heating system you can report it to our office between the hours of 08.00 – 17.00 Monday - Friday. Contract customers are given priority over others. You are guaranteed a service visit within 24 hours or same day if you report the fault before midday on that day.

6. Emergency Call out

  • We have engineers available to help you at any time of the day. The call out engineer can be contacted directly in the event of a severe emergency. An emergency is a severe water leak which can not be contained. Total breakdown of heating system in cold weather. Suspected gas or carbon monoxide leak. (In the event of a gas / co leak always call the gas emergency service on 0800 111 999)

  • Please ensure you (or tenant) know the location and operation of main water and gas valves.

  • We recommend that you have some form of additional heating available as the lack of central heating can cause problems to sick, elderly or very young children.

7. Acceptance

  • All plans are subject  to a satisfactory home health check, to be completed with the first boiler service.

8. Exclusions

  • Failures due to the effects of lime scale or sludge (see Powerflush section)

  • Boiler replacement

  • Underfloor heating system

  • Faults caused by lightening, freezing, flood, fire or a failure in mains gas, water or electrical supplies.

  • Faults attributed to installation or design.

  • Non functional parts

  • Decorative or non standard radiators

  • Faults caused by third party or DIY work

  • Any parts / pipework concealed in the fabric of building

  • Unvented and thermal store units

  • Wireless controls (unless supplied and installed by Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd )

  • Energy management systems

  • Known manufactures faults or manufacturers upgrades.

  • Improvements to system

  • Resetting of controls following power cut or hour change

  • Claims on Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd for loss, damage or inconvenience as a result of a breakdown.

  • Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd will always honour the terms of your Kingsbury Service contract and strive to keep exclusions to a minimum.

  • Any work required which is not covered by your Kingsbury Service contract will automatically be subject to a 10% discount.

9. General work

  • Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd shall take every care during the carrying out of work but does not include renewing flooring or incidental redecoration subsequent upon the proper execution of work. The customer shall remove or be responsible for all floor coverings, including carpets and lino. Unless otherwise agreed the contractor shall lift and relay softwood tongue and grooved flooring as necessary. It is not always possible to avoid minor damage; however the contractor will make every effort to keep this to a minimum. The contractor shall not be responsible for lifting or relaying hardwood or laminate floors.

10. Powerflushing

  • A Powerflush will remove sludge and installation debris from a central heating system. If Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd carry out a Powerflush and fit a magnetic system filter then the sludge exclusion will not apply.

11. Spare parts

  • Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd can not be held responsible for any delay in providing spare parts. Obsolete parts are defined as any part not readily available from mainstream suppliers. In the event of a part being obsolete, Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd will advise you if an upgrade or alteration is available. This will not be carried out under your Peace of Mind contract, however will be subject to discount.

12. Noise

  • We will not replace any components or controls as a result of noise as long as it is not preventing the operation of the appliance / system. Should you request the component changed it will be subject to normal discounts.

13. Cancellation

  • We reserve the right to cancel this contract at any time and refund any pre- payments for that contract year.

  • Should you wish to cancel this contract please do so in writing. We will calculate any work carried out in that contract year at standard Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd rates and invoice you if it exceeds payments already made to us.

14. Advice

  • At the time of your service or breakdown visit, your engineer may advise you on work required to improve your system or to prevent a future breakdown. You do not need to act on this advice, however a breakdown occurring in the future relating to this advice will be charged subject to normal discounts.

15. Gas safety

  • Gas safety regulations are constantly evolving. Any work required to bring your appliance up to current standards will be charged subject to normal discounts. Some works (e.g. new regulation for flue access panels in ceiling) can not be carried out by Kingsbury Heating & Plumbing Ltd.

16. Intermittent Faults

  • Our engineers will always try to diagnose a fault on your boiler or system, however, should the fault not occur at the time of the visit it may be difficult to determine the cause.